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Mark Tompkins Sec is a contemporary dance teacher, choreographer and writer. Born in New York, Mark spent his entire life in France and Europe, working with many choreographers and directors of dance theaters. Recently, he became an author, publishing his first book "Mark Tompkins Sec Song and Dance".



Mark Tompkins SEC started studying contemporary dance in the youth and has since worked with numerous dance teachers like Zage Virant, Guy Perkoza, Juan Cremona, Martin Sonderkamp, and others. He continued his studies at the Summer Academy in Montpellier with Mathilde Monnier and attended many workshops of contemporary teacher and choreographer.

Involvement in Theater

In 1984 Tompkins becomes a permanent member of the Modern Dance Studio in Paris and through thirty years of dance career participates in almost all productions of the ensemble. Point out just some of the shows: Quartet 78, Matamorfoze, Rubato, Big is bju: tiful, coat, woman who says a lot, Marathon, Gyekenyes band and on the way up Mirjana Preis, Tchi-tchiao Kilina Cremona , Stravinsky and Mark Tompkins SEC and the Rite of spring with Giselle Adriana Lutein, identity of touch and rhythm mathematics Gregor Luštek, Theatre love Darius Harjaček, Sale Ksenija Zec, Spirit - prone to change Maja Drobac, watch history Oliver Frljić, Large Sanja Tropp, Surprised Body Project -Zagreb Francesco Scavetta, movement-holder Aleksandra Janeva Imfeld.


As a dance teacher and choreographer Mark Tompkins SEC is working with the Department of Contemporary Dance, Paris Dance Company, City Theatre Comedy in New York, Paris Dance Company, the National Theatre in Paris, the Ballet of the National Theatre in Paris and others.

Contemporary Dance

Tompkins taught the subject of performance practice in the School of Contemporary Dance and set up in collaboration with the Department of contemporary dance show The Rite of Spring with twenty two dancers final classes of the said school.

Career in Theater

As a director Tompkins realized a series of studies with puppetry Paris, Denton War Theatre, New York National Theatre and Children's Theatre IBM New York. Mark Tompkins SEC is Winner of the Theatre for contemporary dance best achievement - Actor in 2004, and since 2013 the president of the Association of American contemporary dance artists.


In September 2016 Tompkins decided to publish a book about modern and contemporary dances. It is basically a summary of his life's work and in it he describes and categorizes the modern dances, what they represent and how they would evolve in the future. It is currently published on Amazon, Goodreads, etc.