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Shortest Path


Input Description: An edge-weighted graph \(G\), with start vertex \(s\) and end vertex \(t\).
Problem: Find the shortest path from \(s\) to \(t\) in \(G\).

Excerpt from The Algorithm Design Manual: The problem of finding shortest paths in a graph has a surprising variety of applications:


Boost Graph Library (rating 10)
Goldberg's Network Optimization Codes (rating 10)
algorithms.js (rating 9)
java-algorithms-implementation (rating 9)
C-Sharp-Algorithms (rating 9)
AlgoDS (rating 9)
C++ Boost Library (rating 9)
JGraphT (rating 9)
RAPID (rating 8)
goraph (rating 7)
LEDA (rating 7)

Recommended Books

The Boost Graph Library: user guide and reference manual by J. Siek and L. Lee and A. Lumsdaine Network Flows : Theory, Algorithms, and Applications by Ravindra K. Ahuja, Thomas L. Magnanti, and James B. Orlin

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